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15 August, 2012by greencross0

Dualtec - Mokum EP

When Ray Taff and Colman Buckley aka Dualtec sent me their track ‘Mokum’, I instantly knew it was going to become a dance floor monster hit.

We created a remix contest and received loads of interesting submissions. In the end we had to choose a winner which was a young mexican kid named Flight 19.

The original mix of Mokum is a track that will take you back to the early days of techno, when you hear the synth stabs on the break you will think: “this life is definitively a Good Life”. The tune has already been heavily road tested in the four corners of the globe, and the same hands-in-the-air effect has been experienced on every dance floor. From clubs, to festivals, the crowd is loving it.

Drumcomplex stepped in with a more powerful approach, a darker mix but always respecting the original idea. His signature techno sound is definitively serious business within modern techno. Stomper!

Flight 19 is the winner from our remix competition, who delivered a very clever re interpretation of Mokum. We were astonished with his skills, totally reconstructed the original idea into a driving and hypnotic techno beast.

To close this EP the irish duo sent ‘Take It Back’ it sounds like an stripped version of Mokum, but with a very dark twist. Techno all the way down.

If you are still reading this, we hope you enjoy this release, chart it, play it, make videos of it, give it to your girlfriend as a birthday present, whatever you want.

Support by

Ban (Pe & Ban), Daniela Haverbeck aka Rapunzel, Gareth (bullet dodge recs), James Nidecker, Matt Minimal, Advokkat, Alexi Delano, Andrew Onionz (Electrik Soul), Daniel Sanchez, Dosem, Dr. Motte, Franco Bianco, George Lanham, Henry Cullen aka DAVE The Drummer, Hermanez, Loco & Jam, Mattias Fridell, Orde Meikle, Paco Osuna, Reboot, Roel Salemink, Stanny Franssen, Zoƫ Xenia, Dean Amo, DJ Becka, Mari Verzaro

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