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16 March, 2012by greencross0

DIDREC017 - George Lanham - God Mode EP

When I was young, I used to have pretty bad nightmares, all of them caused by a computer game called Doom. If you had these nightmares too, then you probably know what God Mode means.

George Lanham, the celebrated techno producer from UK, makes his debut on DID Records with two old school flavored techno tracks.

IDDQD, is a huge techno monster, definitively the offspring of going beserk on a 3D action first person shooting killing spree. Frag the dancefloor with this Big Fat Gun!

Of course Drumcomplex is here to demonstrate how good his fragging is, unmounted and rebuilt the original, giving it a sharp shooter angle. Another bomb from our secret arsenal.

The second original is called Cappuccino Crime Wave, and the coffee cup has just been melted by the acid lines embedded by George on this one. This is serious acid business right here.

Support by:

Dj Snoop, Trust The Machine, Daniel Mehlhart, Duzzy Das, Rolf Mulder, Sean-Michel Yoder, DJ Lin, Matt Minimal, Terry Francis, Andrew Onionz, Bas Mooy, Franco Bianco, George Lanham, Lars Klein, Leon Van Dongen, Loco & Jam, Mattias Fridell, Orde Meikle, Paco Osuna, Paride Saraceni, Pierre Deutschmann, Roel Salemink, Stanny Franssen, Zoƫ Xenia, Drumcomplex, Ian Hendrix, Onoffon, Paula Cazenave

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