James Hurricane - Daiichi

In DJ MURPHY’s own words “this is a very fucked up track”. That’s what he said when he played Daiichi (Original Mix) on our studio while recording his mixed compilation for DIDREC (yes we just spoiled our 20th release)

For our 19th release we welcome our friend from France James Hurricane, with a very powerful techno track that he decided to name “Daiichi”. The name is a tribute to the disaster that happened in Japan’s Daiichi Fukushima nuclear power plant one year ago, after the earthquake and the subsequent tsunami:

“The Earth shifted off its axis between 10-25 cm that day. Off the coast of Tohoku, Japan the Earth heaved at a magnitude 9.0 and thrust up a tsunami that stretched 40.5 meters (133 ft) high and traveled 100 mph. That is as high as the 4 towers surrounding the Taj Mahal. Honshu, the big island of Japan moved 8 feet. If that wasn’t enough the tsunami waves traveled all the way to Antarctica and broke off an iceberg the size of Manhattan.

That was the visible enemy”.

The invisible enemy is what we all know as “radioactivity”, because, as Kraftwerk wisely said: “is in the air for you and me”, and in the sea too..

For the remix duties our friend Angel Alanis, stepped in with a stripped interpretation of the original track. Deep atmospheres, twisted synths and tense buildups is what caracterizes this remix.

Brian Burger (Nachstrom, I.CNTRL, Gobsmacked, Naked Lunch) delivered a very powerful repaint of the original track, giving big attention to small details, and keeping the original’s nasty attitude.

We keep our music true to our beliefs, we won’t sell out to what’s hot and hype.

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Support by

Ban (Pe & Ban), Daniela Haverbeck aka Rapunzel, Duzzy Das, Gareth (bullet dodge recs), DJ Lin, Kobbe, Nicole Rosie, Terry Francis, Advokkat, Daniel Sanchez, Dosem, Franco Bianco, George Lanham, Hermanez, Lars Klein, Loco & Jam, Mattias Fridell, Orde Meikle, Renato Cohen, Roel Salemink, Stanny Franssen, Steve Parker, Subfractal, Zoƫ Xenia, Dj Shiva, Drumcomplex, Elekt7r (Vokodek Music), Mari Verzaro, Mike Maass, Onoffon, Paula Cazenave

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