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"Dimensional is an amazing release! perfectly executed in every way" ADAM BEYER - Drumcode
"Dimensional Abi Bah Three Dimensions mix Funky and forward leaning technofunk. Love it!!" Joel Mull - Truesoul
"is now playing: Red Square - No Secret (Original Mix)" Richie Hawtin - Minus
"played Drumcomplex - Gomme in clubs and for five consecutive weeks on White Noise Radio" Dave Clarke - Soma
"Dimensional is an awesome release!" Technasia - Syno

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  • Psycho Babe

    Psycho Babe

    Three original techno tracks for Polygon’s debut release

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  • Symbiotic Series Volume One

    Symbiotic Series Volume One

    Two artists, two remixes. That’s the essence of the all new Symbiotic Series, a concept created to celebrate Different Is Different Records’ 50th release.

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  • Nubeluz


    Two mixes of Nubeluz, an original track by Leo Fernandez.

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  • Waste Of Life

    Waste Of Life

    Miki Craven teams up with Tony Verdi to deliver four cutting edge techno stompers

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  • Roboman


    An original track produced by Abi Bah, with remixes by Scouts In Bondage and Taktfast. 100% swedish techno release.

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  • Dark Roast

    Dark Roast

    An original detroit techno track by Red Square, and a remix by Dantiez Saunderson & Deep Slice

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  • Smack ‘Em Up

    Smack ‘Em Up

    An original track by Agent Orange, two remixes by Miki Craven and one remix by Greencross

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  • The Contextual Art EP

    The Contextual Art EP

    Our first Limited Release with electronica and techno tracks.

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  • Atmos


    Two originals for Javi Lago’s debut, with two remixes by Misoo and Justin Kase

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  • And Thanks For All The Fish

    And Thanks For All The Fish

    Two original tracks by DJ Shiva with remix by Andrei Morant

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  • Direction


    An original track by Daniel Mehes with remixes by Owen Sands and Gforty

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  • In The City EP

    In The City EP

    An original track by Miki Craven and Raul Robado, with a remix by Miki Craven, and an original track by Craven.

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  • U


    A single from Sime, with remixes by Owen Sands and Daniel Mehes

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  • Chamokropolis


    Two versions of one track called Chamokropolis from venezuelan producer Leo Fernandez.

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  • Weight Of The Hammer Remixed

    Weight Of The Hammer Remixed

    These are the two remixes that yielded from our Weight Of The Hammer Remix contest

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  • The Tool Remixed

    The Tool Remixed

    Nick Plum and Misoo deliver their own versions of Matt Minimal’s The Tool.

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  • One, Two, Three

    One, Two, Three

    An original techno track by Pe & Ban vs DJ Mandraks, includes remix by Victor Ruiz

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  • Dimensional


    Greencross’ second installment on the label founded by himself, is another single called Dimensional.

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  • Remix Compilation Number Two

    Remix Compilation Number Two

    This is our second remix compilation, with new material and some of our latest best selling remixes.

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  • Liquid Armour EP

    Liquid Armour EP

    Three techno original masterpieces from Abi Bah

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  • The Children Of The Python

    The Children Of The Python

    Don’t miss our label owner’s first single, plus Johannes Heil’s debut as remixer on Different Is Different Records

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  • Introvert


    A single raw and dirty techno track, which is Skober’s debut on our label

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  • Suluz EP

    Suluz EP

    Shane K’s first release on the label comes with two techno tracks, one jacking and another melodic, plus a remix by Pe & Ban vs DJ Mandraks

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  • What Have You Learnt?

    What Have You Learnt?

    South District makes his debut on Different Is Different Records with one original techno stomper, plus a remix from Tom Hades

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  • Lowband EP

    Lowband EP

    Matt Minimal makes his debut on the label with two smashing techno originals

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  • Ashdown EP

    Ashdown EP

    Two techno pounders by Drumcomplex, plus a remix from Microvibez

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  • Concordant Diskordanz

    Concordant Diskordanz

    Two original dark techno tracks from Amsterdam’s Folker Zwart

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  • No Secret

    No Secret

    An original detroit-flavored techno track from Red Squares, with remixes from Abi Bah and Drumcomplex

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  • Extinct Remixes

    Extinct Remixes

    A collection of four techno tracks from Various Artists, for the rhythm hungry underground dance floors.

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  • Pullpush


    An original track from AEMB, plus a remix from Scouts In Bondage

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  • Conflict And Accord EP

    Conflict And Accord EP

    Three tracks from Scouts In Bondage and one remix by Abi Bah

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  • DJ Murphy Presents: Different Is Different Records

    DJ Murphy Presents: Different Is Different Records

    A mix by DJ Murphy plus unmixed tracks, with never released remixes from your favorite producers

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  • Daiichi


    A fucked up track by James Hurricane with remixes by Angel Alanis, and Brian Burger

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  • Mokum EP

    Mokum EP

    An old school flavored techno grover from Dualtec, plus the winner of ‘Mokum Remix Competition’, Flight 19, and a remix from Drumcomplex

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  • God Mode EP

    God Mode EP

    Two old school flavored tracks by George Lanham, with a remix from Drumcomplex

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  • Time And Prosperity EP

    Time And Prosperity EP

    Two originals by Drumcomplex and Dean Benson. Includes a remix by Loco & Jam

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  • Danger Danger!

    Danger Danger!

    Boris Mijolic, aka ‘Mass Digital’, was one of the winners of the ‘Panzerknacker’ remix competition. This is his first single on our label, and it’s dangerous techno!

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  • Mad Monkey

    Mad Monkey

    On our fourteenth release we welcome our friend Re Dupre, probably Sao Paulo’s most sought after dj and producer.

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  • Effortless EP

    Effortless EP

    For our lucky 13th release, we bring you some local talent: Elemental X – ‘Effortless’ EP

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  • Dirty Blood EP

    Dirty Blood EP

    Mike Maass & Frank Sonic are two up and coming dj/producers from Düsseldorf, with a plethora of releases already on labels like Trapez and Italo Business, they have been remixed by names such as Secret Cinema and A. Mochi.

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  • Perron Nul

    Perron Nul

    Our 11th installment is presented by Switch Music and Different is Different Records.

    Folker Zwart is an up and coming techno Dj from Amsterdam, and this is his debut as a producer.

    Tom Hades and Drumcomplex made two remixes to welcome Folker into the production field.

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  • Remix Compilation Number One

    Remix Compilation Number One

    Supported by Loco Dice, Someone Else, Alan Fitzpatrick, Hermanez, Franco Bianco, Veztax, Subfractal, Mattias Fridell, Anderson Noise, Kobbe.

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  • Another Shot At It EP

    Another Shot At It EP

    Our latest and most solid release to date comes straight from Sweden, from the mind of Mattias Fridell, on his new duo project “Scouts In Bondage”; which includes a remix by the UK techno legend Henry Cullen aka Dave The Drummer.

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  • Panzerknacker EP

    Panzerknacker EP

    Our latest release from the hands of Drumcomplex, plus two remixes from our remix competition.

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  • Watch Yourself

    Watch Yourself

    Netherland’s Jazper, delivers a pumping tribal-flavored techno stomper

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  • Bad Touch EP

    Bad Touch EP

    Save Japan!

    For our sixth release we recruited the irish duo, Dualtec (Cloud 9, Armada Music), who delivered a pair of peak time techno bangers

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  • Gomme Remixes

    Gomme Remixes

    After the massive support from Dave Clarke, we re issue the Original track from Drumcomplex “Gomme” and this time we include four stomping remixes

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  • In The Groove EP

    In The Groove EP

    With this release, we explore the sound of the young venezuelan producer: Fiuset. Remixes from Adam Jay, Angel Alanis and Drumcomplex & Pascal Dior.

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  • Weight Of The Hammer EP

    Weight Of The Hammer EP

    With their third release, Brazil’s Different Is Different Records tap Midwest techno legend Adam Jay to sling some dirt on the techno groove.

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  • Gomme EP

    Gomme EP

    You can download the awaited Gomme EP from Drumcomplex on since today!

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  • Reflection EP

    Reflection EP

    Different is Different Records’ first release is called Reflection EP by Elton D. It has two versions of the title-track. The original is more atmospheric, with a slow build-up and a breakdown with a vocal that will stick in the heads of dancers. The other version is a more energetic interpretation by Hertz, the Swedish […]

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