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11 April, 2013by Martina Krassnigg0

Abi Bah - Liquid armour EP

Finally we harvest some more swedish techno grooves, this time from the seasoned producer Abi Bah (Kombination Research, H-Productions, Global Underground, Slap Jaxx) yielding three juicy techno pieces, each very different from the other, but all of them very banging, or pumping if you may prefer.

For the first track we chose Knockerbox, although it’s not the techno you are used to hear from us, it’s something different and very twisted. It has Abi Bah’s seal all over the place. Fun, funky and kind of obscure. An awesome intro precedes the four to the floor bass drum you are used to, but everything else is just unexpected.

Liquid Armour is a storm-like jacking techno tune, with a hypnotic, acid, and paranoid synth line. A story told in sharp techno beats. Definitively the tune for the demanding underground dance floors.

Encrypted Answer is a bit faster, designed with those rave moments in mind. Cleverly programmed percussion loops and a mildly psychotic synth line are the main things on this driving track.


Supported by:


“Full Support”

Joel Mull:

“Loving the abstract Encrypted Answer. Thank you for the music.”

Adam Jay:

“Hey look. A release that doesn’t sound like everything else. What a rare treat. Great work here. Tracks very different and serviceable. Will play.”

Mattias Fridell:

“Good ol’ Abi ! Knockerbox rocks”


“love Abi Bah’s Traxx…full support”

Rolf Mulder / The Public Stand:

“Knockerbox is eerie and perfectly fits what I do. Also just thought of this: I only have maybe added four tracks of Abi Bah in my serato over the past years, but I all remember them, a rare quality.”

Steel Grooves:

“liquid armor & encrypted answer are cool. will try em out. thx :)”

Rogerio Animal:

“Amaaaazing!! Love this Stuff Respect”

Paula Cazenave:

“Interesting release. Liquid Armour and Encryoted answer are my fav. full support!”

Zoë Xenia:

“Totally fell in love with Knockerbox, what a magnificent track!!”

Agent Orange NYC:

“Drop the beat!! Liquid Armor def for me!”

DJ Emerson:

“abi never disappoints,… some funky swedish techno”


“For our radio show Knockerbow is the best. Many thanks”

L.A.W DJs:

“Really Cool EP, Encrypted Answer is really driving! :)”

Franco Bianco:

“Thanks for the music! 🙂 Great one! Full support as always.-“

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