Free Dj SetDj Danko july 2011 Dj set

Dj Danko july 2011 Dj set

Dj Danko from Naples, brings his latest dj set, where he has included a forthcoming remix of one of the tracks of our latest release “Another Shot At It” EP. Check it out because its the only place where you can hear it.



  • Dj Danko – Hypnotic Fluid
  • Par Grindvick – Sinister (Gary Beck Remix)
  • Deh Noizer – Elevator
  • Erphun – Jaw Lock Tom Hades Remix
  • Giorgio Gigli – Indifferent Sight (Terence Fixmer Remix)
  • Giu Montijo – Galaxy Unit Radio (Dj Danko Groovin’ Remake)
  • Logotech – Midi TextureBuy
  • Mark Morris – Call Style (Peder Remix)
  • Mark Morris – The Silence After The Storm
  • Hackler & Kuch – The Weedhacker
  • Mark Morris – 4.00 Am (Dark)
  • Matthew Jonson – Learning To Fly
  • Pfirter – Audiometria
  • Dj Danko – Warm Sensation
  • Jason Fernandes – Shiver
  • Flex Sk – Coma
  • Re_Dox – 11.19
  • Scouts In Bondage – Forever Fusion (Dj Danko Remix)

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