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13 September, 2012by Martina Krassnigg0

Folker Zwart - Concordant Diskordanz

From the Netherlands to Brazil, this two tracker has been tested in the best european techno festivals this summer, always delivering dark, body-rocking dance floor maintenance.

Folker Zwart opens his first solo appearance on the label with Diskordanz; bad ass, bass in your face, intricate, worried, techno, are some words we like to use for this track. Which one would you use?

The second track is called Concordant, another carefully crafted techno piece by our friend from Amsterdam, just with the right amount of darkness and funkyness needed to shake the floor back and forth.

Support by

Dylan Drazen, Franco Bianco, Juan Sanchez, L.A.W. DJs, Mattias Fridell, Orde Meikle, Paco Osuna, Roel Salemink, Tom Hades, Zoƫ Xenia, Dean Amo, Dj Shiva, Drumcomplex, Folker Zwart, James Hurricane, MAAE, Mari Verzaro, Duzzy Das, Flight 19, Larix, James Nidecker, Agent Orange NYC, Greencross.

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