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22 August, 2012by greencross0

Adam Jay - Mediastinum EP

Adam Jay, friend and DID Records artist has recently suffered from a medical condition which put him on the Intensive Care Unit for a few days, due to a problem known in the medical jargon as ‘Mediastinum’. The aftermath: Adam Jay 1 – Death 0. But where he really lost the battle was against the Heath Care in his country, which charged 23.000 american dollars to save his life.

He had the idea to crowd-fund an EP (vinyl and digital) of his own called after his pathology, ‘Mediastinum’; which will be released under his own techno label ‘Chroma Recordings’. On the tracks produced for the EP, Adam used sounds he recorded while he was in the ICU (crazy huh?).

Four massive tracks, as always Adam never disappoints.

The earnings will be used to help him pay this ridiculous amount of money.

Contribute now with his cause, there are perks from 5 USD, to 10o USD. All of them with cool rewards. I already contributed and received the digital release, now I can’t wait for my vinyl!.



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