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6 November, 2012by Martina Krassnigg0

DIDREC028 - South District - What Have You Learnt?
The Netherlands is for us, without a doubt, one of nowadays biggest hydroponic production farms of electronic dance music. And lucky for all of us, one of their finest crops is dark, driving techno; exactly the way we love it.

Amsterdam’s Jasper Zuyderwijk, also known in the techno field as South District makes his debut on DID Records with What Have You Learnt? a powerful track boasting a rock solid funky groove, full of ‘fresh’ sounding synths with a deep rooted bass. The breakdown is spacey and builds up to a drop with the right amount of energy.

For the remix duties we have the honor to have once again one of techno’s all time heroes: Tom Hades. His re interpretation of the original is a nasty, relentless, bass-heavy bouncing madness. The frenzy percussion makes this remix a perfect choice for your peak time bombardment. Thanks for all your support!

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Dj Snoop, Daniela Haverbeck aka Rapunzel, Flight 19, Larix, Balthazar, Matt Minimal, Terry Francis, Agent Orange NYC, Dr. Hoffmann, Franco Bianco, L.A.W. DJs, Lars Klein, Mattias Fridell, Orde Meikle, Roel Salemink, Stanny Franssen, Steel Grooves, Subfractal, Submerge, Summer (Brendon Collins), Tom Hades, Zoƫ Xenia, Greencross, James Hurricane, Leo Fernandez, MAAE, Mari Verzaro, Maurice Aymard, Microvibez, Paula Cazenave, Red Square, Shane K.

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