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15 January, 2014by Martina Krassnigg0

With great honor we present you with our first limited release, a different twist in our sonic curation. The Contextual Art EP is the first output from Possibly Infected on our label: two original tracks where adjectives as ‘cinematic’ and ‘orchestrated’ can be used when describing these compositions that fit in the break beat and electronica styles. Music for entering higher dimensions.

And Then We Became, is a soundtrack for a rainy day. Nostalgia, euphoria and melancholy can be felt throughout the the arrangement. A beautifully orchestrated piece, set in intermittent patches of rain.

After the rain comes sun, and Desperate Hopes resembles the moment when sunlight strikes the land for first time after a long dark winter. As clouds disperse, breaks made in outer space take the listener to maximum ecstatic pleasure.

Keeping things in a techno context, we are pleased to welcome Kevin Farabaugh aka Virulent for his first appearance on the label, with his subsonic simplification of Desperate Hopes; a techno weapon for peak-time basement action.

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