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26 September, 2011by Martina Krassnigg0

Download now "Perron Nul" from Folker Zwart

Our 11th installment is presented by Switch Music and Different is Different Records.

Folker Zwart is an up and coming techno Dj from Amsterdam, and this is his debut as a producer.

Tom Hades and Drumcomplex made two remixes to welcome Folker into the production field.

Thanks a lot for your support.

About the Rhino:

When European settlers first began moving into east and southern Africa in the 19th century, the savannas had an abundance of wildlife. Even black rhinos, largely solitary animals, were so plentiful that it was not unusual to encounter dozens of them in a single day. However, due to relentless poaching by settlers, the numbers and distribution of black rhinos quickly declined in Central, West and East Africa. Poaching pressure escalated during the 1970s and 1980s as a result of the rising demand for rhino horn in Asia and the Middle East and between 1970 and 1992, the black rhino suffered a 96 percent decline in numbers.

The good news is that most black rhino populations are steadily increasing. However, total numbers are still only a fraction of what they were fifty years ago.

Selected feedback

Rolf Mulder (The Public Stand) #bestdjquote award winner
Perron Nul original mix is the one for me.
Perron Nul used to be a shelter for drug addicts in Rotterdam behind the central station… Reverend Visser if Im correct…

Joseph Capriati
great remix from Tom Hades.

original mix is nice tom hades also .. tnx !

Alan Fitzpatrick
nice remix!

Sean-Michel Yoder
Great release! – reviewed in
Thanks !!! The best techno for my set !!!! – reviewed on

Dr. Hoffmann
Original is my taste this time. will play. thanks

Leon Van Dongen
Will play the Original…

Josh Love
thank for promo release cool sound from Folker.

Angel Alanis
Great!! Support!!

Concrete Djz
Thank you for this promo. Original suits us best here will try it out. ( :

Franco Bianco (Multivitamins)
Great release!!!! Thanks for the music! 🙂

Mattias Fridell
Sounds funky and somewhat crazy hehe

Nice EP…Full Support

Agent Orange
Drumcomplex Remix and Tom Hades Remix – Dark and groovy – nice!

DJ Shiva
Solid EP. Deep and nice for building up to or coming down from the peak times.

Marco Napoletano
Original and Tom Hades Rmx are good ! tnx!

Dave The Drummer
It’s the Drumcomplex mix for me but Tom Hades is banging it too

Pedro Delgardo LOVE IT

Trust The Machine
All big sounds. Drumcomplex mix was top for me… Big funky ass shaker! Great release.

Dj Danko
I like all mixes but original in particoular way! good release

Matt Minimal full support for Tom Hades remix will play it for sure

Daniela Haverbeck aka Rapunzel
Thanks! love Drumcomplex rmx the original is also very nice with a housy groove… – will play in my radio show at

Frankie Flowerz
Will deffo use this during my late sets during our electric monday parties.

Matt Walsh
Really big production all round origianl is best for me but the drumcomplex one is cool for festival rooms!

Duzzy Das
Deep and dark ! very good sound !! Thank you!

Terry Toner
Congratz with a great debut ep. proper techno the way i like it!

Dj Snoop
Great release. Full Support !

Daniel Sanchez
Like the Tom Hades Remix!

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