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Tom Hades ‘Serenade’ Remix Contest

Tom Hades ‘Serenade’ Remix Contest

DIDREMIX005 - Tom Hades - Serenade Remix Contest

Our fifth remix contest is up!

We have teamed up with Sonic Charge to bring you our fifth remix contest!.
Look at the prizes, read the rules, download the samples and start remixing one of the all-time legends of Belgian techno, the man himself, Tom Hades.


  • Submission ends on april 24th. Hurry up!

Choose your prize:

  • The winner will be able to choose a full license of these two products from Sonic Charge!
  • Choose between Synplant


Read The Rules:

  • Remix style must be techno, and TECHNO only. Please listen first to our releases so you get an idea of our sound.
  • Your remix must contain at least ONE recognizable part of the original.
  • You must submit your remix to this soundcloud group
  • Use this image when uploading your remix to Soundcloud
  • Post your remix to our Facebook Page, so everyone can listen and comment
  • You can submit more than one remix if you like


  • If you win, please send a mastered copy of your track on 16bit / 44 kHz lossless .wav or .aiff format
  • Keep an unmastered copy in 24bit / 44 kHz lossless .wav or .aiff format, with enough headroom (-6dB) for us to master
  • Never send work in progress or unfinished remixes – Remix parts are copyright of Different Is Different Records, that means, they can only be used for this contest only.


The Schedule:

  • Remix competition begins friday april 8th
  • Submissions will be closed on april 24th
  • Winner will be announced on may the 4th (be with you)

The Original Track:

Download the samples:

  • Type your email and get an exclusive download link. TIP: Select FLAC for lossless quality

Listen to the remix entries:

8 April 2014 Free Sample Pack News Remix ,

3 Responses to “Tom Hades ‘Serenade’ Remix Contest”

  1. RYan says:

    Is this contest open to all countries?

    I can’t seem to download the stems. The bandcamp site says it will send a link to my email address but does not send it. It is not in my spam folder either.

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