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Label: Different Is Different Records

Release date: 2014-08-11

Catalog number: DIDREC055

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Serenade (Original Mix)
Tom Hades
Serenade (Octopu1se Remix)
Tom Hades, Octopu1se
Serenade (Dantiez Saunderson Remix)
Tom Hades, Dantiez Saunderson
Serenade (Greencross Remix)
Tom Hades, Greencross

Tom Hades is a Belgian DJ and Producer with legendary status, known for releases on labels like MB Elektronics, Suara, Phobiq, Respekt and for his own label Rhythm Convert[ed].

After doing some remixes for Different Is Different Records, we now welcome Tom to our roster of original producers, with ‘Serenade’, a single that served as the foundation of our fifth remix contest.

The original mix of Serenade comes with an arpeggiated main synth line, modulated to play with the tension and release throughout the arrangement. Hevily road tested by Tom himself: “it always works on the dance floor”.

Remix contest winner from Hiroshima, Takayuki Yamamoto also known as Octopu1se, boasts a heavy groove and a cleverly placed two-word vocal, that’ll be for a long time on your crowd’s mind.

Dantiez Saunderson is back on the label, this time delivering a more “Serene” version of the original ‘Serenade’. Lush pads and a deep bass set the foundation of this remix, crafted under a big-room architecture.

To close the release, label boss Greencross, steps in with his particular conception of techno, heavy low driven business with stabs all around.

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