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Secret Spell

Secret Spell

Label: Different Is Different Records

Release date: 2015-07-13

Catalog number: DIDREC079

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Secret Spell (Original Mix)
Red Pig Flower
Secret Spell (Artur Nikolaev Remix)
Red Pig Flower, Artur Nikolaev

Different Is Different Records is astonishingly proud of presenting the Berlin-London based, Korean-Japanese artist Red Pig Flower. She’s one of the producers to be showcased in our upcoming ‘Female Pressure’ compilation. With a major in fine artis, the asian lady is an integral artist, with many ongoing projects spanning from music, to photography with painting and everything in between. An authentic entertainer.

Her debut track is based on the ‘Secret Spell’ that, until now, had been securely kept for hundreds of years by the linage of the Blue Blood Alchemists, which was exterminated by unknown mercenaries in the early 1900’s.

If a correct intonation and pronunciation was achieved while reciting the ‘Secret Spell’, the molecules present in the air would be excited in a specific way, while the alchemical process took place. When the correct sequence of a set of frequencies were to be reproduced with a special cadence and in a defined amount of time; not only the metal’s composition would be altered, but the atoms in the white-hot iron would self-reorganize into gold’s atomic structure, effectively completing the process known as alchemy.*

Directly from Russia we are pleased to have Artur Nikolaev on the remix duties. This time the Russian minimal techno wonder-kid steps out of his usual sound to enter a heavier groove exploration, while keeping an overall atmospheric hypnoticness. Exquisite.

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*this is a fictional brain hiccup of our label manager.