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Mad Monkey

Mad Monkey

Label: Different Is Different Records

Release date: 2012-01-09

Catalog number: DIDREC014

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Mad Monkey (Original Mix)
Re Dupre
Mad Monkey (Mattias Fridell 'Dark And Low' Remix)
Mattias Fridell, Re Dupre
Mad Monkey (The Masked Racer 'Beast' Remix)
Re Dupre, The Masked Racer
Mad Monkey (Pe & Ban Remix)
Re Dupre, PE & BAN

On our fourteenth release we welcome Sao Paulo’s most sought after dj and producer, our friend Re Dupre, who brings us a techy ‘Mad Monkey’ that sets the pace of the dance-floor right from the beginning, and is wholly reminiscent of taking a trip through a never ending highway tunnel…with an infinite amount of upward gears to choose from! The alien chatter lead synth line filters through your brain and builds itself into the forefront of this “floor breaking” track, constantly skipping in-between the floor destroying kicks and sub bass, constantly evolving in to a full-on track throughout the occasional gears winding up and down breakdowns, wholly reminiscent of a minimal “Steve Stoll” masterpiece, the alien chatter won’t leave your head for days!! This track should only be played at the height of your evening, and should come with a health warning but we think you’ll be okay if we just pre-warn you! Please note that management at DIDREC are not legally responsible for the actions of your patrons on the dance floor when fully utilizing the power of this track…

Mattias Fridell’s remix has so much built-in darkness, it scared the pockets out of my pants. You will have to experience this one for yourself, go and hit play now, I’ll wait here.

“The Masked Racer’s” ‘Beast’ remix of Dupre’s “Mad Monkey” builds upon the original mix with a wholly subterranean “depth-diving” atmosphere, continually twisting in a downward spiral within driving baselines, overtly shuffled grooves and severely minimalistic constantly building synth patterns, sucking themselves inside massive reverberated tunnels. The whole trip continually builds and builds in to glorious lawn mower styled breakdowns, cleverly quantized snare fills and atmospheric space, keeping the lead line of the original intact, but with a more menacing feel, a feeling that is similar to receiving a High Five in your face with a lawn mower!! A track to hypnotise and jeopardize the floor!! Is “The Masked Racer” in fact Harry, the mild mannered Janitor? We think not…

Disco Disco Disco!.You know how it goes, Discos here and Dat goes well.bad joke I know, but there’s something a little twisted 70s disco about Pe & Ban’s remix! Perhaps they just coined a new genre – minimal twisted tech-funk flare disco? There’s a whole lot to like about this funky mix, and it’s going to be a whole lot of fun for the dancefloor, blips, bleeps, flip-flops, 65 inch heels, toy submarines and dissonant catchy stabs that lead you right up to the industrial machine humming background that constantly builds and builds.You know that this number’s going to explode off in to a cleverly orchestrated mess, but when it does, you’ll be throwing shapes with your flares all over the dance floor, yep – we think flares will make a comeback to clubs by 12.12.12, and besides, wearing flares when the world ends would be a great way to go…

Review by Dr. Barrington Smythe from Worldwide Techno Technicians

Release date: December 28th 2011

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