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Gomme Remixes

Gomme Remixes

Label: Different Is Different Records

Release date: 2011-03-31

Catalog number: DIDREC005

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Gomme (Original Mix)
Gomme (Rich Jones Remix)
Drumcomplex, Rich Jones
Gomme (Jeff Rushin Remix)
Drumcomplex, Jeff Rushin
Gomme (Francesco Doni Saw Mix)
Drumcomplex, Francesco Doni
Gomme (Agent Orange NYC Remix)
Drumcomplex, Agent Orange NYC

Massive support by Dave Clarke

We re issue the Original track from Drumcomplex “Gomme” and this time we include four stomping remixes.

Rich Jones, Agent Orange NYC, Jeff Rushin and Francesco Doni delivered their interpretations of Drumcomplex’s hit of 2010.

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