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Effortless EP

Effortless EP

Label: Different Is Different Records

Release date: 2012-01-15

Catalog number: DIDREC013

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Effortless (Victor Ruiz Vs Alex Stein Remix)
Elemental X, Victor Ruiz, Alex Stein
Effortless (Mike Maass Vs Frank Sonic Remix)
Elemental X, Frank Sonic, Mike Maass
Effortless (Original Mix)
Elemental X
No Wasting Time (Original Mix)
Elemental X

For our lucky 13th release, we bring you some local talent: Elemental X – ‘Effortless’ EP

Andre Salata is the man behind the project called ‘Elemental X’. He’s one of Sao Paulo’s most active live act performers, you can find him playing at the city’s best clubs like Clash Club or D-Edge. Andre is also a music production teacher on Brazil’s most respected recording arts university, and has a string of releases where he’s got even the chance to remix artists like Marko Nastic.

In this release you’ll find four tracks, two originals and two remixes.

‘Effortless’, is a spacey, robotic, cutting edge techno driver, with a hypnotic groove.

‘No Wasting Time’ has a deeper but not less hypnotic groove, with a wobbly synth that will twist your brain out of your nose.

For the remix duties Alex Stein and Victor Ruiz teamed up to deliver a solid, dirty, bass-in-your-face groove, with not one, but two breakdowns that will take your set to the next level of euphoria.

The second remix comes straight from the underground dungeon in Dusseldorf where Frank Sonic and Mike Maass produced their dark and stomping version of ‘Effortless’.

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