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Label: Different Is Different Records

Release date: 2013-12-16

Catalog number: DIDREC041

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Direction (Original Mix)
Daniel Mehes
Direction (Owen Sands Remix)
Owen Sands, Daniel Mehes
Direction (Gforty Remix)
Gforty, Daniel Mehes

Daniel Mehes from UK releases his first original work as a single called “Direction”, a dark, funky techno with traces of tribal voices and percussion from deep inside the rainforest. Somehow cinematic, this is a bass-heavy track that falls into a breakdown that builds up into major big room frenzy.

For the remix duties we give you once again the producer that’s shaking our foundations, Mr. Owen Sands from Ill Bomb Records. This time taking the “Direction” business very deep and seriously mental.

Gforty is another new face on our family. Italian native from Milan, Giorgio Quaranta pushed “Direction” into the next level of wickedness: a percussive techno bomb already tested and approved for peak-time dance floor action.

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