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28 Lives

28 Lives

Label: Different Is Different Records

Release date: 2016-05-09

Catalog number: DIDREC098

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The Nurse (Original Mix)
Area Port (Original Mix)
28 Lives (Original Mix)

What to say about MusicKey?

Let’s start by saying his real name is Evalds Vilks, he’s a Latvian music producer and self-diagnosed as psycho.

We don’t believe such bold arguments to be entirely true, although, judging by the sounds he creates, there might be a slight room for doubt.

What we do know for a fact is Musickey’s badassery as a techno producer, and our shared interest for nature. His tracks are clean, hard, bright, chaotic, and massive.

Musickey only brings you the sound he loves, and this time it’s in the form of three tracks: The Nurse, Area Port and 28 Lives.

BIO FOR: MusicKey
His first activities about techno is strongly associated to mysterious and widely unknown “something” named F3. He has been influenced by DJ’s / producers because of the vibe they created. It is unique. It is techno.

The main value of techno creativity is soul of freedom. There are no edges to travel as deep in sound as there is wish to any direction.

As good as in production as in his sets You will never know what will come next as this is unpredictable.
The most he loves hard and heavy techno. And that doesn’t mean techno is in black and white. No, techno has colors, taste, vibe and variable mood and emotion spectre! You can experience your trip on his show series TECHNO 24/7.

His alter ego Evalds MK create mental ambient / dream pop / shoegaze sounds.