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Label: Different Is Different Records

Release date: 2014-12-29

Catalog number: DIDREC065

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101 (Original Mix)
101 (Miss Electric Untouched Mix)
Miss Electric, Module:8

This is the last release of the year 2014, and we want to celebrate it by welcoming two new artists to Different Is Different Records. The original track comes from English producer, Module:8, and it’s called “101”. A dark, pounding, straight to the point techno business.

From Austria we have the pleasure to welcome the beautiful and talented Miss Electric, who delivers her vision on the original “101” giving it an unique techno twist, while respecting the original track’s sound.

We hope you enjoyed the music we have released this year 2014. We want to wish you a 2015 full of techno, and that all your plans and aspirations become realisations.

Best regards

Daniel Gavilan aka Greencross

Twitter: @didrec