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Dualtec ‘Mokum’ Remix Contest

Dualtec ‘Mokum’ Remix Contest

Dualtec - Mokum Remix Contest

When Ray Taff and Colman Buckley (Dualtec) sent me their track ‘Mokum’, I instantly knew it was a dance floor monster hit. So, I thought I had do something more than just release it, that’s why this remix contest has been created.

You can now be part of this upcoming release: download the parts, read the instructions below, and create your repaint of this marvelous techno track.

The Prize:

  • You get to release your remix along with the original tracks of the EP, and Drumcomplex’ remix.
  • You get to release your own EP at Different Is Different Records in the near future.

The Rules:

  • Remix style must be techno, and techno only. Please listen to our releases to get an idea of our sound.
  • Your remix must contain at least ONE recognizable part of the original, preferably sample #7. ‘Lead Flat’
  • You must submit your remix via our remix contest dropbox that you will find below
  • Use this image when you upload your remix to our dropbox
  • You can submit more than one remix if you like
  • Send a mastered copy of your track on 16bit / 44 kHz lossless .wav or .aiff format
  • Keep an unmastered copy in 24bit / 44 kHz lossless .wav or .aiff format, with enough headroom (-6dB) for us to master
  • Do not send work in progress or unfinished remixes
  • Remix parts are copyright of Different Is Different Records, that means, they can only be used for this contest only.

The Schedule:

  • Remix competition begins tuesday january 24th
  • Submissions will closed on saturday februrary 25th
  • Winner will be chosen on february 26th

The Original Track:

Ray and Colman also put together a superb tutorial on Making Techno With Ableton, where they feature ‘Mokum’. Please watch and learn:

The Remix Parts:

Submit your remix here:

Send us your sounds

The Best Entries:

Dualtec and I will judge the entries and post the best ones here:

24 January 2012 Free Sample Pack Remix , , , , , ,

16 Responses to “Dualtec ‘Mokum’ Remix Contest”

  1. Jilaa says:

    How much time to wait after submititng to recieve the parts please ?

    • Daniel says:

      You should receive an email with the dowbload link for the remix parts immediately after you enter your email address on our bandcamp page. If not, please check on your spam folder. Thanks

  2. Omar Darboe says:

    I’m in

  3. youp!x says:

    My Ableton is showing that the tracks are protected, can not play to produce audio remix

    • Daniel says:

      Tracks are not protected You should be able to load them on Ableton Live without problems. Try loading them from your internal hard drive, and on a new ableton project.

  4. Trekbor says:

    I have finished the remix, you can send an email to send the file as soon as possible.

    Atte: Trekbor
    Mexico City

  5. youp!x says:

    have to be a professional DJ or producer to participate?

  6. Angelo says:

    Should we enable or disable download once on soundcloud?

    • Daniel says:

      Thanks a lot for asking. Please do not enable downloads when you upload to Soundcloud.

      Also please post the full track, no snippets.

      Happy remixing

  7. Stellar Voyager says:

    Not an remark, but, next time give us wav samples. Thank you.

    • Daniel says:

      Samples were offered in a variety of formats, including LOSSLESS FLAC, which is as good as WAV. Good luck with your submission

  8. Stellar Voyager says:

    It seems that I pick the first ones I stumble upon, my bad.
    I finished the job anyway.

    Thanks Daniel

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