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Our seventh remix contest is up!

We have partnered with Erica Synths, Bitwig, Teenage Engineering, Dreadbox, Bastl Instruments, Rainger FXand Elektron to bring you our sixth remix contest, with over 1500€ worth of prizes!

Look at the prizes, read the rules, download the samples and start remixing the legendary techno DJ from Japan, KEN ISHII.

The Original Track:

Sponsored Prizes:

Download the samples:


  • Submissions will be closed on june 7th 2016
  • Winner will be announced on june the 8th

1st place winner gets:

2nd place winner gets:

3rd place winner gets:

4th place winner gets:

5th place winner gets:

6th place winner gets:


Read The Rules:

  • You must comply to the Ken Ishii Remix Contest’s Terms and Conditions
  • Remix style must be techno, and TECHNO only. Please listen first to our releases so you get an idea of our sound.
  • Your remix must contain at least ONE recognizable part of the original.
  • You must submit your remix to this soundcloud group
  • Use this image when uploading your remix to Soundcloud
  • Post your remix to our Facebook Page, so everyone can listen and comment
  • You can submit more than one remix if you like

If you win:

  • Please send us your own mastered remix at 16bit / 44 kHz lossless .wav or .aiff format (for our mastering engineer to use as reference)
  • Keep an unmastered copy at 24bit / 44 kHz lossless .wav or .aiff format, with enough headroom (-6dB) (for our mastering engineer to master)
  • You’re responsible for the cost of shipping your prize to you. Shipping costs vary depending on location, but will never surpass 20% of the total value of your prize.


  • Never send work in progress or unfinished remixes
  • Remix parts are copyright of Different Is Different Records, that means, they can only be used for this contest.

The Schedule:

  • You can download the parts and start remixing right now
  • Submissions will be closed on june 7th 2016
  • Winner will be announced on june the 8th

The Contest Submissions:


Ken Ishii Remix Contest

21 March 2016 Free Sample Pack Remix ,

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