Adam Jay’s ‘Weight Of The Hammer’ Remix Contest

Adam Jay - Weight Of The Hammer Remix Contest

Our third remix contest is up!

The Prize:

- You get to release your remix along with the original track and Greencross Remix. - You get to release your own EP at Different Is Different Records in the near future. - You get a limited edition Different Is Different Records T-Shirt
Limited Edition T-Shirts

Limited Edition Different Is Different T-Shirts

The Rules:

- Remix style must be techno, and techno only. Please listen to our releases to get an idea of our sound. - Your remix must contain at least ONE recognizable part of the original. - You must submit your remix to this soundcloud group - DO NOT ENABLE DOWNLOADS WHEN YOU SUBMIT YOUR REMIX TO THE SOUNDCLOUD GROUP - Use this image when uploading your remix to soundcloud - Post your remix to our Facebook Page, so everyone can listen and comment - You can submit more than one remix if you like - Send a mastered copy of your track on 16bit / 44 kHz lossless .wav or .aiff format - Keep an unmastered copy in 24bit / 44 kHz lossless .wav or .aiff format, with enough headroom (-6dB) for us to master - Never send work in progress or unfinished remixes - Remix parts are copyright of Different Is Different Records, that means, they can only be used for this contest only.

The Schedule:

- Remix competition begins thursday january 3rd - Submissions will closed on wednesday january 31st - Winner will be announced on february 1st

The Original Track:


Download the samples:


The SC group:


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